“The whiplash is part of the fun and the fun is more intense if you can treat Quiz as bordering on fiction, a chain being jerked around by two excellent storytellers, facilitated by a cast of familiar faces all in top form.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

“The under-covered aspect of the story brings an extra level of deliciousness to “Quiz,” a three-part AMC miniseries that — final answer — is well worth the time.” (CNN)

“consistently entertaining” (The New York Times)

“compelling”… “Quiz is smart, entertaining, and told with a great sense of efficiency.” (Vulture)

“Step aside, “Tiger King,” there’s an even wilder true crime story coming to TV.”…“outstanding”  (USA Today)

***** This drama truly was a winner: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews Quiz, the story of the ‘coughing major’ was who convicted of cheating on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Mail Online)

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